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Placenta Encapsulation


I provide placenta encapsulation for all birthing clients as part of their package. You can also purchase encapsulation or tinctures as a standalone service.

Placenta Encapsulation: $300

Placenta Tincture: $75

Placenta encapsulation is the general term used for processing a placenta into one of three forms: placenta pills, placenta tincture, or placenta salve, with pills being the most common. I am trained in the traditional steamed Chinese method (most popular) as well as the raw processing method. 


Studies have shown that consuming a placenta during the postpartum period can reduce the occurrence of postpartum depression, aid in the nutritional recovery process, increase milk production, and more.


A placenta tincture is an ethanol-based liquid product that has many uses postpartum, but also for your baby such as for teething gums.

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