Pregnancy & Childbirth Education

Classes - (Hypnobirthing, Newborn 101, etc.)

The Birth Education Center of San Diego

Cap Wellness Center

Best Start Birth Center

Birth, Health & Wellness

Midwives & Birth Centers

Gerri Ryan, LM, CPM, FACCE, CLE*

Best Start Birth Center

Jacobs Medical Birth Center - UCSD

La Jolla Location

Hillcrest Location

OBs (Natural birth-friendly)

Dr. Capetenakis, D.O.*

Dr. Damon Cobb*

Dr. Lac Vu*

*Accepts VBAC mamas

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Medical services, counseling, abortion pill reversal, etc.)

Culture of Life Family Services

Obria Medical Clinics (OC, LA)

Claris Health (LA)

Lamb of God Maternity Home

Natural Family Planning, Fertility & Infertility

Culture of Life Family Services (Napro Technology, NFP)

Dr. Theresa Stigen, MD (Napro Technology)

FEMM Health- Online Classes

I Use NFP-

Find an in-person NFP class - San Diego


Lactation Consultants


San Diego Breastfeeding Center

Robin Kaplan, M.Ed, IBCLC

619-606-2211 /

Serenity Breastfeeding /

Christine Hennes, IBCLC, RLC, CCE / 619.990.6479

Ashley Treadwell, BA, IBCLC

619-512-9350 /


Anna Choi, BS, IBCLC;

619-363-2488 /


Stacy Clifford, MPH, IBCLC

619-535-8828 /


Mamas and Milk

Dawn Stackhouse Dickerson, M.Ed., IBCLC, CD (DONA), RYT

(858) 218-MILK


Babylove Lactation

Alyssa McPherson

(858) 324-4180


Babies in Bloom

Rochelle McClean, IBCLC, CCE, CD

(760) 940-BABY


Wendy Colson, IBCLC

(619) 857-1665

Mental Health

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


Postpartum Health Alliance (San Diego)

The Perinatal Mental Health Alliance for Women of Color

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Progress

The Postpartum Collective (Private Facebook Group)

Mary L. Obata, M.A., MFT

5100 Marlbourough Drive, San Diego, CA 92116 619.220.4680


Alisha Beltramini, MSW, ASW

(619) 493-3105 x112