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Hospital VBAC


Birth Packages

Sliding Scale: $0 -1000

  • Primarily for non-profit/program referrals (Black Infant Health, Catholic Charities, etc.) 

  • If you really want to work with me but cannot afford my fees—please email me below!

Standard Birth Doula Package: $2,500

  • 4 prenatal appointments for childbirth, postpartum, and lactation education (typically 2 hours each)

  • Phone support from the moment of hiring

  • 24/7 "On call" support at 38 weeks

  • My physical support at your birth

  • Complimentary placenta encapsulation

  • 1 postpartum + lactation follow-up visit

  • 6 weeks of postpartum phone/text support

  • Referrals to resources as needed (doctors, chiropractors, IBCLCs, etc.)

Upgraded Birth Doula Package: $3,200 ($100 off!)*

  • All of the above in Standard Package
  • 20 hours of postpartum doula care day or night

*Payment plans are available. Discounts and sliding scale pro bono work are also available per my discretion. If you live north of Del Mar, a $50-$150 travel fee will be added to your package. Postpartum hourly minimums still apply to the upgraded package.

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Happy Families


Rebecca Christian, CPD, CLEC with Paloma + Baby Mila

I have now had 2 of my 3 babies with Rebecca by my side. My first delivery was a very traumatic experience (emergency c-section). I knew I didn't ever want to go through something like that again, I knew I was going to try for a VBAC, but I knew I needed extra support. I searched high and low for a doula and found Rebecca! We immediately clicked after our first meeting and that's when I knew she was the one who was going to help me give birth to my baby! She is a very intelligent, warm, and nurturing soul! If ever I had doubts or questions, she would reassure me that my body knew what it was doing, my body was simply made for this. Her wisdom is something I truly admire and thank her for! Another of my top concerns was my husbands lack of support- I surely thought this would be a downfall in my attempted VBAC, but again Rebecca knew how to reassure me everything would be ok and when the time came to welcome baby she coached him on what to do and he was actually really great! I'm so excited to say I have had two successful VBACs and I am positive that it was due to having such an amazing doula by my side!!!