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education + support

for your reproductive health

Want to learn more about your fertility and how to manage your reproductive health? Ever wondered whether your menstrual cycle is healthy or if taking birth control is the only way to "regulate" your period? Or maybe you want to understand how to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy naturally? Learn about all of this and more with FEMM. 

FEMM is an acronym for Fertility Education & Medical Management. It is a comprehensive women’s health program that:


  • teaches women to understand their bodies and how to recognize hormonal and other vital signs of health.

  • provides women with support through its free FEMM Health App to help women track their health and reproductive goals.

  • provides accurate medical testing and treatment based on new research and medical protocols.

  • continues to conduct research to provide women with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments for their health.


Learn FEMM with Rebecca


I am very proud to both teach and use FEMM for my own reproductive health. My goal as your FEMM teacher is to help you understand your body and empower you to achieve your reproductive health goals, whether it is to track your health and resolve gynecological issues, learn Fertility Awareness/Natural Family Planning (NFP), get pregnant, or avoid pregnancy naturally.  


Class 1: FEMM + Your Health: Learn how hormones influence health and to chart your hormonal activity.


Class 2: FEMM Expert: Learn to identify healthy patterns and health problems. Understand cycle variations and the causes of common problems like heavy periods, miscarriages and infertility.


Class 3: FEMM Family Planning: Learn how to naturally achieve or avoid pregnancy and what to expect postpartum. (If you have a spouse/partner, they are welcome to join all sessions, but this is the class partners are strongly encouraged to attend.)


Sessions also include chart analysis and referrals to FEMM medical practitioners and other holistic health providers. 

Want to learn more about my fertility services?

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