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What is a doula?


Doulas are non-medical birth workers. I provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support before, during, and immediately after birth. You can think of me as your birth tour guide that has already attended several births, knows what to expect, understands the physiology of birth and the medical stuff, and will help your partner feel supported. You can check out my Instagram and my Facebook page for even more info and pics of me working.


What is included in your standard birth doula package?


  • 3-5 prenatal appointments (typically 60-90 minutes each)

  • 24/7 phone support after 36 weeks.

  • My physical presence at your birth

  • 1 postpartum follow-up visit

  • 6 weeks of postpartum phone/text support

  • Complimentary placenta encapsulation 


Total Price: $3000

What is included in the upgraded birth doula package?


Everything in the standard package, plus 20 hours of postpartum doula work at a discounted rate. 

Do you offer financial aid, military discounts, etc.?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Just contact me. If you are a referral from a crisis pregnancy center, please include which one and your case manager's name in your contact message.

When should I hire a doula?


You can hire a doula at any point during your pregnancy, but most families start interviewing doulas around 24ish weeks. The earlier the better! If there is a particular doula you think you to want to work with, contact her sooner rather than later to ensure her availability. We are often booked up several months in advance.


I think I want a doula, but my partner is nervous. Will you replace him or her?

Absolutely not! In fact, part of my job is to make sure your partner really shines and feels cared for too. Birth is beautiful, but intense. There will be moments where your partner may be unsure of what is happening or need to take a breather for a few minutes. A doula stands in the gap in those moments. I can also act as a… bouncer if there are too many people/family members in the room disrupting your birth environment. (Birth is not a spectator sport!)


If you are not a doctor or a midwife, what is a prenatal appointment? Are they required?


The prenatals are really important to your overall experience. This is where I will meet with you (and often your partner as well) to discuss topics like: the information you are learning in your childbirth classes, your birth and postpartum plan, any breastfeeding concerns, fears about giving birth, etc. I will teach you the Five Elements of Birth (if you Google this, I promise it has nothing to do with astrology) and answer fun questions like, “Rebecca, will I poop during labor?”


I like at least the first prenatal appointment to take place in your home, but we can also take a field trip to a breastfeeding group, take a walk on the beach, grab some tea and chat, etc. 


As for the question of requirement, I rarely ever do “cold births” where I have not met the mother at least once, and if I do, it’s as a “back-up doula” for another doula. 


Other doulas only include 1 or 2 prenatal appointments in their birth doula package. Why do you include so many?

I have found that the more preparatory work TAILORED to the client prior to Game Day, the better a labor proceeds. I mean, would you show up to the Super Bowl without practicing? My standard goal is for all of my clients to have less than 12 hours of active labor, and the prenatals are the framework for that success. 


How many prenatals you have with me will also depend on how early or late in your pregnancy you hire me.


What is a postpartum doula?

A best friend-for-hire that cooks, does light housekeeping, lets you sleep, and can teach you how to take care of your new baby. My goal is to “work myself out of a job” and leave you feeling confident in your new role as a parent. You can read more about my postpartum services here.


I don’t think I want a birth doula, but can I hire you as a postpartum doula?

Yes! My standard postpartum fee is $50/hr with a 4-hour day shift minimum and an 8-hour night shift requirement. Birth clients receive a discount on my postpartum doula rate for the first 20 hours or if they book an upgraded package.


Can I buy a gift certificate or purchase your services as a baby shower gift?

Yes! Paying for a new family's birth and/or postpartum doula fees can be the best gift you give them. Please contact me to inquire about this and include the baby’s due date. 

What is your privacy policy?

As a DONA trained doula I am legally bound to protect your privacy by HIPAA just the same as a doctor, nurse, therapist, or midwife. My entire privacy policy and social media release form is included in your package of intake forms. All photos are shared with permission. If I do not have permission, they don’t get shared.

Do you only do natural births? Will I poop during labor?

And other common questions…

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